Kochi is a Feeling
 (A Non-Review)

Jyoti Dhar

Mutual Exposures: Margarethe von Trotta’s Early Films

Hannah Paveck

Overlove: A Conversation

Daisy Lafarge and
 Geraldine Snell

Medium of Exchange

Emily Watlington

Hysteria, transformed

Mette Kjærgaard Præst

Viral Bodies: ‘are you
 repeating yourself?’

Katie Jones-Barlow

My Joan Jonas

Himali Singh Soin

Just Bodies

Sophia Kier-Byfield

On Chantal Akerman’s
 Pina Bausch

Alice Blackhurst

Bodies of Work:
 Pina Bausch’s Legacy

Lucy Weir

On Eva Hesse

Lily Evans-Hill

Sex in America is S&M

Aimee Bea Ballinger

Dear Bhanu

Alicia Rodriguez

With Animal, a review

Matilda Hemming

Lessons From Psychosis

Ari Potter

Chris Kraus on Kathy Acker

Octavia Bright

Childhood Domesticities

Carlota Jerez

The Catwalk

Nicola Singh

Three Poems

Remi Graves

Warming Showcase

Josie Rae Turnbull


George Mind

'We face harassment every time we go outside'

Fergus Simpson


Rosie Haward

Girls Heart Brussels

Philomena Epps

Looking Through the White Cube

Victoria Rodrigues O’Donnell


Rosanna Puyol

Ear-Walking Woman: An Interview With Annea Lockwood

Louisa Lee

Gendered Embodiment in Internet Culture

Jeanette Bisschops

A Still Life Series

Hannah Dinz

Female Feelings: An Interview With Eileen Myles

Cherry Styles

What About England?

Annie Jenkins

Overcrossings Project

Scott Oshima

Get Down Town: Skid Row

Hyunjee Nicole Kim

Like Pithing An Animal

Jala Wahid

Preserving Feminist Film and Video


Active Boundaries of Occupation

Alicia Radage

The Women Men Don’t See

Sophie Mayer

The Industrial Negative Symposium

Katherine Jackson

Reel Good Film Club

Grace Barber- Plentie and Maria Cabrera

Sex Workers' Opera: The Art of Listening

Alex Etchart & Siobhan Knox

The Cork LGBT Digital Archive

Orla Egan

Club Des Femmes

Selina Robertson

The Photographic Earth Sagas

Tine Bek

Women and Art Rebranded: Hank Willis Thomas

Meredith Talusan

Commemorative Salmon Spawning Quilts

Josie Rae Turnbull

The Female Body as an Autonomous Zone

Poppy Jackson

A Journey Unknown

Rudy Loewe

The Tarzan Dynamic

Tony Warner

On Black Feminism and Carving out Space

Ain't I A Woman Collective

No Sweatshops & No Photoshop

Sophie Slater

City Cells

Cat Utting